A native of Jonnalagadda in Guntur, Vintha Upendra Reddy (Screen name as UPENDRA MADHAV) surprises one by saying that he doesn’t read much. “I don’t have a particular writing style as such and I put everything that comes to my mind on paper. I have been an associate writer for Dookudu, Badshah and Shadow and worked on the script for Raccha . I had preconceived notions about writing a script but after joining the writers’ team I have learnt the dos and don’ts of writing and that we should keep our personal tastes aside and write and design what the people demand. Earlier I would take two days to create a scene, it is easy to talk and evoke laughter but putting it on paper is not that easy. Now even if I have to write ten scenes, I can get up early morning and wind up my work by 6 am.”



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I Vintha Upendra Reddy (screen name as UPENDRA MADHAV) came to this Telugu Film industry wanting to become a director. I worked  for Manodu and Toss and got to direct some corporate films and films for the government. I thought by doing this I would get a chance to join the direction department of big … Continue reading Career

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